10 Amazing Apple iOS 11 Tips and Tricks for iPhone : IOS

9. iOS 11 General tips

Standard or Zoomed display: Since iPhone 6 Plus you’ve been able to choose between two resolution options. You can change the display setting from Standard or Zoomed. To switch between the two – if you’ve changed your mind after setup – go to Settings > Display & Brightness > Display Zoom and select Standard or Zoomed.

Set the screen brightness: Either bring up Control Centre and adjust the display brightness slider, or go to Settings > Display & Brightness.

Text Size and Bold Text: To change the default text size and whether you want all fonts to be bold to make the easier to read go to Display & Brightness > Bold Text.

10-day forecast in weather: Go to weather, and on any city swipe up. You now get to see the 10 day forecast as well as additional information like a mini weather forecast for the day, sunrise and sunset times and the chance of rain.

Choose a new wallpaper: Apple has completely revamped its wallpaper offering for iOS. New wallpapers to be had in the Settings > Wallpaper.

Get to Wi-Fi settings quickly with 3D Touch: If you’ve got an iPhone 6S, 6S Plus or later, you can force press on the Settings icon to reveal quick links to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Battery settings. The move makes it really speedy to jump to the wireless settings.

Disable contact photos: You can now toggle contact photos on or off on iPhone 6 and later. To change the setting, which is on by default, go to Settings > Messages > Show Contact Photos.

Go back to apps: When you open a link or tap a notification while using an app, you’ll be brought to a new app in order to view the information in full detail. You’ll also see a new “Back to…” button at the top left of the just-opened app, giving you the opportunity to tap it and instantly go back the app you were using.

Track your reproductive health: The Health app has finally added a Reproductive Health tab, with options for basal body temperature, cervical mucus quality, menstruation and ovulation, and more.

Delete an alarm: Apple’s swipe-to-delete gesture now works in the Clock app. To delete an alarm, swipe left on the alarm.

Search in Settings: The Settings app has a search field at the top which can be revealed by pulling down on the Settings menu. Use it to find the switches you need.

Enable Low-Power Mode: The new Low Power Mode (Settings>Battery) lets you reduce power consumption. The feature disables or reduces background app refresh, auto-downloads, mail fetch, and more (when enabled). You can turn it on at any point, or you are prompted to turn it on at the 20 and 10 per cent notification markers. You can also add a control to Control Centre, and access it quickly by swiping up to access CC and tapping on the battery icon.

Find battery guzzling apps: iOS specifically tells you which apps are using the most juice. Go to Settings > Battery and then scroll down to the new section that gives you a detailed look at all your battery-guzzling apps.

Use a six-digit passcode: Apple has always given you the chance to set a four-digit passcode, but now it offers a six-number option, meaning hackers now have a 1 in 1 million chance of cracking it, rather than 1 in 10,000. Just go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode > Change Passcode, and then select “Passcode Options”.

Change how your screen responds to taps: A new section under Accessibility in Settings lets you change how your screen responds to taps. You can tell your iPhone to ignore repeated touches. You can also increase the duration of taps before recognised, and much more.

Check your battery via the Battery widget: Within the widgets inToday view, there’s a card that lets you see the battery life remaining in your iPhone, Apple Watch and W1 chip-equipped headphones. If you don’t like this widget, tap the Edit button at the bottom of the screen and then tap the delete button.

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