10 Amazing Apple iOS 11 Tips and Tricks for iPhone : IOS

4. iOS 11 Siri tips

Translate: Siri can translate a handful of languages into American English (sadly no UK English region support yet). Just ask “Hey Siri, how do you say [phrase here] in German/Spanish/Italian/Japanese/Chinese.”

Hey Siri: To get Siri working by just shouting at it rather than pressing a button go to Settings > Siri & Search > Listen for “Hey Siri”.

Disable Proactive Assistant: If you don’t want Siri to suggest apps, people, locations, and more when you use the new Spotlight Search, you can always disable Siri Suggestions (in Settings > Siri and Search > Suggestions in search).

Tell Siri to remember what you see on screen: Siri can set reminders. You know this. But she can also remind you about whatever is displayed on your device screen – whether it be a website or note. Just say “Siri, remind me about this,” and she’ll scan the page and add relevant details to your Reminders app.

Ask Siri to fetch a photo for you: Siri can now search your photos based on their information and criteria. Ask her to find a specific photo from 14 July 2015, for instance, and she’ll do just that. Amazeballs.

Shut up Siri: Sometimes Siri is just useful when she isn’t speaking. Thankfully, a setting called Voice Feedback (Settings>General>Siri) lets you decide when she can use her voice. You can toggle the setting to always on, hands-free only (which works only when using “Hey Siri” or connected to a Bluetooth device), or a new ring switch option (which stops Siri from speaking when your ringer is switch is on silent).

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