10 Amazing Apple iOS 11 Tips and Tricks for iPhone : IOS

7. iCloud tips

Turn on iCloud Drive: Go to Settings, tap on your name/ID at the top then go to iCloud > iCloud Drive. Here you can control which apps have access to your iCloud Drive and whether or not they can use Cellular / Mobile Data.

Manage your Storage: Settings, then your name/ID > iCloud > Manage Storage. From here you can see how much storage you have, how much you have left, and choose to buy more.

Family Sharing: Rather than have your iTunes account on all your family’s iPhones and iPads you can now set up Family Sharing for up to 5 people. Go to Settings then tap your name/ID at the top and choose the “Family Sharing” option.

Secure iCloud Keychain Access: Go to Settings, then your name/ID at the top > iCloud > Keychain, and toggle it on or off.

Send last location so you can find it even when the phone is dead: Apple’s added a cool hidden feature that will automatically send the last known location to Apple when your battery is critically low. Even if the battery dies as you’ve lost the phone behind the back of the sofa you can still at least have some idea where it got to.

Access iCloud Drive files: In iOS 11 there is now a Files app. Find it, then tap “Browse” then “locations” before choosing the iCloud Drive option. Here you’ll see all the documents and files saved in your iCloud Drive.

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