11 Amazing Paid iPhone Apps On Sale For Free Download Now : IOS 

6. Fonta

Combine your photos with text to create fantastic works!! Fonta is a Little Design Studio that allows you to create unique images with special effects.

Use Fonta to :

  • – Put stylish text on anything! (Food & Travel & Friends Pics)
  • – Caption your pics for Instagram Direct or Christmas Greeting Cards
  • – Make your own stylish Photo Text Design Image for blog & website
  • – Turns Your Words into Beautiful Photo Text Design Pieces.
  • – Share on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook #Fontaapp

How to use :

  • Choose a photo from photo libarary or take a photo
  • Resize your photo and add various of filters.
  • Select Fonts [T] and add Artworks [A1] [A2]
  • 4. Masking [M] on your Font add filters to make unique design.
  • Erase the parts of text & artworks to make unique images.
  • Share with your friends as Christmas cards or Instagram direct message.


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