14 Special Android Apps That Or Ready To Download : Android Apps

14 Special Android Apps That Or Ready To Download : Android Apps



1. Cobble Cord

CobbleCord is the first of its kind — a free website and App that will help you cobble together your perfect combination of online streaming video services. CobbleCord holds your hand through the sometimes daunting process of cord-cutting – a.k.a. cancelling your expensive cable package filled with unwanted channels. Today’s media landscape is a treasure trove of content and choices. It’s exciting, but can also be overwhelming. And a lot of work. CobbleCord is here to help you figure it all out – and save you money.If you’ve been on the cord-cutting fence for too long, CobbleCord can help you finally take action. And if you’ve already cut the cord, CobbleCord can ensure that you’re getting the most for your entertainment dollar. It’s the entertainment tool that you’ve been waiting for.


CobbleCord aims to educate, empower and enable entertainment consumers to save money and craft a personalized, curated array of free and paid entertainment services in one convenient location. We also include Helpful Hints on the cord-cutting process, just in case you’d like a little extra guidance.


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