5 Best Android Apps you shouldn’t miss this week

5 Best Android Apps you shouldn’t miss this week



Firefox browser has come a long way since it was first introduced on mobile. It was become one of the must-have browsers and impressive set of features. To include desktop syncing bookmarks, and history, privacy features, easy-to-use bookmarks, quick sharing, Chrome cast support, and access to some add-ons to improve the browsing experience. It is a powerful Android web browser and completely free to use. If you want the new features, you can also check out the beta version of Firefox. Chrome and Opera, hardly knew the internet browsing block. The Android variant, appropriately dubbed Firefox for Android, but now packs the same functionality as the rest. But Firefox for Android tends to rest on it lacks a native compression feature. An extension for practically everything, but have to resign you to tracking them all Syncing the mobile browser with the desktop version works brilliantly and it from reorganizing your home panels to a host of fully-integrated add-ons Firefox for features a robust allow you to, among other things.


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