7 Amazing Paid iPhone Apps On Sale For Free  : IOS

6. Instashot: activate your photo

Instashot lets you make more accomplishments, by using photos in a smarter way.

  • SMART SCAN: Digitalize any paper materials, via phone camera. With auto-cropping/distortion-correction built-in, capture visual information more easily.
  • EASY PIN: Make a pin on any content, and leave a note for future reference.
  • ADVANCED OCR: With ocr-fusion engine, recognize 99% of text from your photo, in 5 languages (English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Germany).
  • PHOTO ENHANCEMENT: Enhance readability with native filters, whether it’s low-light or saturated.
  • ONE-TAP INFO ACCESS: Search anything from your photo, and use them instantly, like address/email/phone number etc.

Instashot works great when you:

  • Capture your favorite paragraph from a book.
  • Scan documents, ID cards, receipts and agreements etc.
  • Take screenshot to save handy info.
  • Search any text (signs, labels) around you.
  • etc…


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