9 Amazing Apple iOS 11 Tips and Tricks for iPhone : IOS

8. iOS 11 Maps tips

How to set preferred transport type in Apple Maps: If you find you only ever use Apple Maps when walking you can set the preferred transport type to be just that. To change it between Driving, Walking, and Public Transport go to Settings > Maps and pick the one you want.

Us ARKit in FlyOver: A few years ago, Apple developed its own Maps app, complete with Flyover; virtual 3D versions of major cities. Now you can look around 3D cities just by moving your iPhone. Search for a major city – like London or New York – then tap the “FlyOver” option. Then all you need to do is move your device and look around the city.

Use indoor maps in iOS 11: For the first time in Apple Maps, you can now use indoor mapping to find your way around major malls. It’s limited for now, but you can try it in Philadelphia International Airport and Mineta San Jose International Airport. To use indoor maps, just search for a supported location and pinch-to-zoom in until the outdoor areas go dark grey. Now you can see inside the building.

Move between building levels on indoor maps: Once you’re inside a building map, you’ll see a number in the right side of the screen. Tap it, and then choose a floor level.

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