Best Free Android Apps : 10 Outstanding Android Apps Are Available To Install

Best Free Android Apps : 10 Outstanding Android Apps Are Available To Install

Android Apps

There are awful lot of mobile applications that are reportedly designed to be compatible with Android platforms. Google Play Store is stacked with lots of brand new apps and every now and then a new app makes its entry into the store. There are many important apps that we make use on daily basis. The list just goes on and on, but if we have to shortlist the mandatory and the essential apps then it we have cut down many apps aside. Today we have come up with top 10 Outstanding Android Apps of 2016.

We made sure that all these 10 apps cover your basic needs. Everyday a new app is getting added to Google Play Store. It is quite difficult to choose the best 10 apps out of zillions of apps around. Every app has its unique features and its own importance. No app is useless, but when we are determined to cut the crap out, we can definitely bring out the best of best apps to make a top 10 list.



As our technology being updated day by day our photo effects are also updated as insatgram, Photoshop the latest one is Prisma. Prisma is the latest trending photo editing app which is available for Android and iOS. It created a lot of craze in social media. Everybody wants this photo editing app. By using a combination of neural networks and intelligence, the results are real sight.  It does not show your image as filter, it scans the image to show the style in an impressive way.It has become common these days as uploading pictures to social networking websites. In a digital way to connect to your loved ones and show how you are right now. We all want to look nice in all the photographs uploading in networking websites.


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