How to delete the apps left over after an iTunes 12.7 install to regain storage on macOS or Windows

How to delete the iOS apps stored on a Mac


Go into the Finder on the Mac and access the Music directory. If Music does not appear in the Favorites section to the left, it can be accessed in the majority of cases by selecting the Mac under Devices, then Macintosh HD, Users, and then the relevant user account.

Once inside the Music folder, access the iTunes directory, followed by iTunes Media, and lastly Mobile Applications. The Mobile Applications directory holds all of the apps downloaded to the Mac, listed as .ipa files, with users able to delete either the individual files or the entire directory.

The amount of space the contents of the directory takes up will depend entirely on the user’s downloading habits. One AppleInsider writer had a downloads directory weighing in at 87 gigabytes, while another’s was a smaller but still considerable 11 gigabytes.

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